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Watkins Products - Your Key to Personal Wealth & Freedom

By Eldon Beard, Independent Watkins Associate 122236

watkins products onlineTo many people even an extra $200 a month would mean a better life... but you can make a lot more money than that!

Starting your own Watkins home business as a Summit Group associate offers income and time flexibility. But it doesn't have to interfere with your current job, your family, or your already busy schedule. We focus on the things that mean a better life for you and your family: having fun, helping friends, creating wealth, and reaching dreams!

The Watkins home based business has already helped thousands of people reawaken dreams they had given up on years earlier:

  • Do want relief from an unbearable job?
  • Would you like to stay home and raise your children?
  • Would you enjoy having more time for things that matter?
  • Do you want to enjoy life free from financial worries?

The best thing about Watkins is that it's not a "one size fits all" opportunity. You can easily tailor this business to your specific needs.

Some Watkins associates work at home full-time. Some work part-time. And some just dabble in the business for a little extra income now and then.

The possibilities are endless. We have a serious opportunity for the network marketing professional, as well as for folks who are more interested in earning income through traditional direct selling methods. The sky is the limit, and the choice is yours!

Many Watkins products associates build their business online, using computers and Internet technologies extensively. Others work strictly offline, and don't spend much time on the Internet at all.

Some associates are professional career people with full-time jobs, who work with Watkins a few evenings each week or on weekends. Some are stay-at-home parents, who build their business around their family schedules. Some are retirees who really appreciate having a way to supplement their retirement benefits. Some are college students who focus mainly on their studies during the semester and on marketing and sharing the Watkins products and the business opportunity during breaks.

Watkins Products Associates can earn immediate income, monthly bonuses, and long-term residual income (which means they can get paid for years to come on work they do now). Plus, there are incentive contests in which associates can earn free trips to exotic destinations or other rewards.

This opportunity can allow you to have a perfect income that doesn't interfere with your career, family, or social life.

One big advantage we have is the reputation that our Watkins products have earned in the marketplace. Our opportunity is unique in this respect. While many network marketing opportunities have excellent products, you won't find many with products that people actively seek to purchase at retail. It's amazing.

Working with Watkins and the Summit Group, it's possible to earn the income you need, while still being in total control of your time. Think about your own situation - wouldn't it end most of your frustrations if you had more income and more time flexibility?

With the popularity and reputation of Watkins products, you have an immediate advantage when you start your home business. This company is highly respected in the home business industry, and having this credibility and reputation on your side is a big plus!

Take time to evaluate our opportunity and discover how you can earn a serious income with Watkins products...this opportunity offers you an edge that no other home-based network marketing company can!

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