Great Prospect Found Watkins Products in Target

Watkins products in TargetI had a nice chat this evening with a prospective Watkins associate. The unique thing about this situation is how this gentleman and his wife learned about the quality of the Watkins product family.

They actually found the Watkins products in Target, and since they are sold on using natural products as much as possible, they tried some of them and found the quality and value to be outstanding. Better than other “natural” products they had tried.

By “natural products”, I mean those that are environmentally friendly and free of unnecessary chemicals and harsh additives. The buzzwords used to characterize the Watkins home care products, for example, are “plant based cleaning agents”, “biodegradable”, and “non-toxic”. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Watkins offers many other natural product lines as well.

Back to my prospect – he is seriously considering starting a Watkins business, and it all came from experiencing the value and quality of the products, and discovering that there was a home based income opportunity there.

I have long “preached” and taught that MLM network marketing products are THE CORE of your business, and should be the very first thing evaluated when considering an opportunity. Some people focus more on how much money you can make and how big your bonus checks can be. This is all great but please always keep one thing in mind.

Compensation plans, your upline team, training, all of these things are very important in choosing a network marketing opportunity. The key, though, is this: it doesn’t matter how great the payout is or how incredible your upline team is if the products are mediocre or lack lasting value for the ultimate consumer.

Good network marketing products are good enough to be purchased by consumers at retail prices. People who have no interest or stake in the business opportunity, just real product users. Your MLM products will ultimately make or break your business. If you want a long-term and stable income, choose your products carefully.

Off the soapbox now…so why are Watkins products in Target and other large stores? You can find a small sampling of our products in many large chains. Only Watkins independent associates like myself have access to market the complete product line, but sometime people wonder.

Watkins for years has had a “brand awareness program” that focuses on placing selected products in retail stores where the mass market will be exposed to them. This exposure creates some very positive things for associates. Some people (like my prospect) will learn about Watkins first hand this way. Others will remember Watkins from years past and be delighted that they can still find it.

The great thing is, though, only a few products are in stores. Only Watkins associates have access to sell and market the complete line. This is massive free advertising and a credibility builder for those of us who are pursuing Watkins as a network marketing opportunity. We have a product line with a long history, great reputation, and plenty of incentives to make money and earn free trips, bonuses, all the good things.

So, I believe my prospect who discovered our Watkins products in Target may soon be on track for a very rewarding and profitable home business venture.

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