How You Make Money With a Watkins Business

how you make money in WatkinsMaking money with your Watkins business is simple. Watkins rewards you when you help more people use and enjoy the incredible Watkins products.

Product consumption is what pays the bonuses in any legitimate network marketing opportunity.

Legitimate opportunities never pay you just for the act of recruiting alone….that is a hallmark of pyramid schemes.

Watkins is a reputable business built on a proven network marketing model. Sponsor new associates, move products, follow basic fundamentals for success, and you get paid. And paid very well!

There are three keys to making money with a Watkins business and creating a lifetime residual income. Let’s take a look.

Use Watkins Products in Your Home

Watkins manufactures premium quality products. They are superior to competing store brands. This doesn’t mean, though, that you have to spend more for them. Actually, you can save money using many of the Watkins products, because they are formulated to be very effective and last longer than competing brands. Thus, you may spend a little more up front but in the long run you can save quite a bit of money.

You get an immediate 25% discount off the retail prices. Then, depending on your level of achievement in your business, you can earn up to an additional 14% rebate on these personal purchases. This reduces your cost for these products even more.

Using the products yourself is very important. They are the foundation of your Watkins business. The product line is the foundation of any successful MLM or network marketing opportunity. People who don’t enjoy and use their own products are rarely (if ever) successful marketing them and earning a steady income.

Introduce Others to the Watkins Product Line

Introducing the products to others is a quick way to earn an income, and building up a small customer base provides you with solid long-term profits as well.

In the past, most Watkins associates sold products locally and often carried inventory. They would travel around to deliver products, or have customers come to their home to pick them up. While you can still do a retail business this way, the most successful associates today leverage the power of modern technology that enables customers to order and have products delivered directly to them. It’s your choice.

You can retail products for immediate profit in many ways, including:

  • catalog sharing
  • home parties
  • direct selling
  • local advertising

It all depends on what you feel comfortable with. My personal preference is to direct customers to my Watkins Online retail store. Watkins takes care of everything, I never have to stock or make deliveries, and I get paid commissions and bonuses at the end of the month. It’s a great deal.

Sponsor Watkins Business Associates for Residual Income

Building a group of Watkins business associates is the most powerful way to earn money with this opportunity. This dramatically leverages your time, and helps you move far more products (and make much more income) than you could alone. You get paid nicely when you move products. The more Watkins products consumed in your organization (by associates and customers), the more income you make.

Generally speaking, on average, your monthly earnings will be between 5% to 10% of the product volume generated by your group. This can add up to a substantial amount each month, and doesn’t include other bonuses (I’ll mention one of them below). Your earnings can exceed these percentages as you grow your business successfully.

Here is a chart that summarizes this:

Typical Earnings with Watkins
25% to 39% discount on items you order for yourself.
25% to 39% profit on sales to your customers.
5% to 10% bonus profit on the total sales volume generated by your entire downline group.
Special programs for extra bonuses or prizes.


Watkinize Your Home Bonus

One powerful way to increase your income with Watkins is through the Watkinize Your Home bonus program. Your one time purchase of the Watkinize Your Home kit entitles you to earn bonuses when associates you sponsor purchase the kit as well. This bonus will be $100+ depending on your level of achievement in the marketing plan.

The Watkinize Your Home Assortment brings you a representative selection of products from the major Watkins product lines:

Cooking and Gourmet Food Products – double strength vanilla, natural spices, and soup and gravy bases are just a few of the products that have made Watkins famous as a manufacturer of gourmet food products.

Home Care Products – all natural home cleaning products, laundry detergents, room fresheners, and many others highlight a quality all natural home care line that comes in many popular scents. Free of unnecessary chemicals and so pleasant to use!

Personal Care Products – smooth and natural hand creams, body oils and lotions, foot creams, and natural shampoo and conditioner products are just a sampling of what’s in store for your pleasure! .

Classic Home Remedies – these are some of the products that made Watkins famous. Liniments, Petro-Carbo salve, Menthol Camphor Ointment, products like these transcend generations and remain enduring classics!

The Bottom Line

The Watkins marketing and compensation is simple, direct, and designed to reward achievers. You get paid very well for doing the right things. As part of our Summit Group team, you have a special advantage including tools and training that many other teams simply don’t offer. This is one reason the Summit Group has historically been the strongest and fastest growing group in the company.

Sound good? Check out the Watkins Business and let’s talk.

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