Is a Watkins Home Business Too Easy to Start?

watkins home businessI had a nice chat the other night with Steve Bretzke, founder of the Watkins Summit Group. One thing we talked about was the ease of entry into a Watkins home business, and how that can be a mixed blessing.

Actually, this is true with almost all home based network marketing businesses. One thing that makes network marketing so appealing is that almost anyone start a real business with just a small investment.

Consider this – most network marketing businesses can be initially started for less than $500. This will include product samples as well as business building and marketing tools. Many companies offer additional options for getting started that cost less, although these lower entry points are often “bare bones” and don’t include everything you need for building a serious business.

Either way, cost of entry for a network marketing business is very low compared to other traditional business models, such as franchising and local independent retail storefronts.

That said, though, here is the downside. For many people, easy in = easy out. Network marketing done properly is hard work. The beauty is that you can start building a lifetime residual income with a Watkins home business, and work it around a full time job and family responsibilities. Few other truly lucrative business opportunities can offer you that option.

Over on my network marketing training blog, I just posted some thoughts earlier this evening about setting realistic expectations for your home business.

Unrealistic expectations catch a lot of people off guard.

Because a Watkins home business (or any other legitimate MLM business) can be very powerful and help you build a significant income rather quickly, the impression is left that it is all rather easy. Some people market their opportunity by deliberately portraying it as a vehicle for quick wealth and overnight financial relief.

The truth is, any honest and legitimate home based business opportunity is going to take work. You have to set realistic expectations. Network marketing can take you far down the path to financial freedom in just one year, IF you can commit the time and focus on the fundamentals that matter (prospecting, talking to people, getting your opportunity in front of as many as you can consistently).

As we begin 2013, I encourage you to take whatever home business you are involved with and treat it like a REAL business. Work it like you invested $100K to get it started. Take it seriously and commit to working it consistently for the long haul. THAT is how you earn wealth, freedom, and financial independence in network marketing.

If you haven’t yet settled on the right home business opportunity for you, consider how a Watkins home business might be the answer.

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