Online Network Marketing and Your Watkins Business

online network marketing and your Watkins businessBecause I’ve sponsored so many new Watkins associates online, sometime people ask me how I do it or if I can show them how to do it.

I’m all for online network marketing and sponsoring, but for best success you really need to build your Watkins business with a blend of online and offline methods.

This is especially true if you are a casual Internet user, and if most of your online experience is limited to doing emails and browsing.

There is definitely a learning curve if you want to be successful with online sponsoring, and you can do it, just be aware that there is some knowledge you’ll need and some skills you’ll want to develop.

Here is a key observation about online network marketing and building your Watkins business online in general.

The Internet is a very powerful way to get leads and find prospects for your business. It shouldn’t be considered as your only business building method, though. While your “warm market” leads won’t last forever, you can always expand your local prospecting by asking for referrals, advertising in the right places, etc.

I’ve been fortunate to sponsor many prospects who came online looking specifically for the Watkins products and also to learn more about the home business opportunity. The same thing is true of people in your local area. Many have heard of Watkins, some will be very interested in purchasing products, and others will be naturally be attracted to the income opportunity because the company is a trusted brand and name.

When building your Watkins business through online network marketing methods, you must be visible and reach out to people who are seeking opportunity to make money from home. Some ways to do this include:

  • creating a blog to tell your story and help people know and trust you better
  • participating in social networking and business communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus
  • advertising in places where people are looking for home business opportunities (home business and work from home sites)

What’s important to understand is that local prospecting can be more immediate and rewarding. You can begin building your Watkins business locally and earning an income, while at the same time setting up your online network marketing and prospecting presence. I believe it’s important to do both.

One reason that having an online presence is important – people research business opportunities differently these days. There are three distinct changes in the way opportunity seekers have approached finding the right home business that I’ve noticed over the last few years.

The old way was looking in newspaper classified ads and those little freebie papers that are circulated to sell and trade stuff – advertising in this way still can work to some degree, but it doesn’t reach the audience it used to.

Later, people begin coming online and “Googling” for opportunities, and savvy online network marketers could do well if their websites, blogs, and articles ranked well in the search engines.

Today, people not only Google for information but they also rely on what their Facebook and other social media friends and connections are doing and thinking. If a friend suggests an opportunity and a person to contact, that carries more weight and trust factor than just finding someone’s blog in a search and going there. To be successful in today’s online environment, you need to have a presence in social media as well as everywhere else you can online.

Online network marketing and building a Watkins business that way takes a little time to get off the ground….but you can do it and I can show you how….but I strongly suggest that you work hard offline and build your online presence up gradually. Internet prospecting is powerful but should never be your only business building method.

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